Saying What’s So

My coaching tends to roll in themes. This week’s theme fell under the heading of “transparency.”
In coaching, transparency or being transparent is about “saying what’s so.”
I use it a lot when I’m nervous or don’t know what to say.
Recently, I gave a presentation on Leadership to 30 executives.
As (way too) often is the case, I wished I were better prepared.
While the host read my introduction, my head swirled crazily around my lack of preparation.
When it was my turn to talk, I stood firmly and said,
“I’m wishing I were better prepared. But, I’m not. So, let’s just see what happens.”
The audience smiled and laughed and the presentation went exceedingly well from there.
There’s tremendous value in getting out what’s already in the room.
This week, client after client talked about not knowing what to say.
Or, expressed fear of saying the wrong thing
or making a mistake
or letting someone down.
Great, I say, why don’t you start there: say what’s so.
It’s like the horrible waitress who tells you it’s her first day.
Your perspective shifts from annoyance to compassion.
You’re on her side because she had the courage to be transparent.

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