Who Is Your Champion?

When I left the agency I helped build and co-owned for nearly 20 years, I spent the next five chasing “what’s next.”
What finally set me on the right course (helped by my coach at the time, Rich Hill) was the realization that what was missing was a champion.
At the agency, I had Jay Farrell.
Jay was my champion long before I knew what that meant or could articulate what he had done—and continues to do—for my career
and my life.
It’s still hard for me to put into words.
I started asking people: who is your champion?
This led to emotional answers and interpretations that formed the foundation for a coaching/communication model I developed and present as a workshop.
In the workshop, I define the differences between champion, mentor, cheerleader & friend.
I hold the belief that by identifying these players, and knowing how and when to access each one, we will be heard and understood by precisely the people who can help us move forward in our lives and work.

My next workshop is March 28th at Flourish Studios in Chicago. I would love to see you there. For more information and to register: hotcoffeecoaching.com/workshops.

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