Grace Thy Name Is Felicity

It pains me to admit this, but I recently wrote an email about someone and accidentally sent it to that person.
You know what I’m talking about.
Nothing negative and nothing confidential.
My intentions were good.
A colleague asked if I knew anything about Felicity’s company.
I did.
Information indirectly gathered from a variety of ways our business paths are crossed.
In my effort to be telegraphic, I used some casual language that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise used.
Then, to quickly check spelling of Felicity’s name, I entered it above in the “cc” field, typed it in below and hit: send!
Later than day I received the following email…from Felicity.
“Did you mean to send this to me?”
Before my emotional “fight or flight” instincts could kick in, my coaching skills took over: ownership and transparency.
“Of course not. I responded, “My apologies.”
“No problem. We’ve all been there.” Felicity replied.
I waited a week, two weeks for any one of the several people we have in common to mention what an idiot I am.
Not only didn’t Felicity take offense, she didn’t take the opportunity to embarrass me further. That’s grace. And that’s Felicity…taking the high road.

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