The Integrity of Endings

Relationships of all kinds end. Often badly. More often sadly.
Two of mine ended recently. One very recently.
Marianne Williamson’s interpretation of The Course in Miracles holds the belief that there is only one kind of love and that love can take many forms from friendship to romantic love to love for mankind, etc.
From that one place of pure love, we simply shift from one relationship form to another.
Easier said than done.
One of these two relationships shifted from friendship to romance to friendship (I’m leaving out several rounds over several years of not-so-clean shifts for space consideration!) to purposeful hurt to bad/sad ending.
Although it may be too early to tell, the other seemingly has all the makings of a love-based shift.
A mutual willingness to try on something different–even if it doesn’t fit right away.
Integrity around what is true for each of us
Respect for where we are and where we’ve been in our own lives and loves.
A genuine enjoyment of each other and, in spite of it all, a playful attraction.

Ask for 100% of what you want, 100% of the time and stay around long enough to negotiate the difference.

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