Thanks & Gratitude

I have a thing I do on Thanksgiving that I have done for at least 15 years. I call the people in my life who really matter to me. I call and thank them for being part of my life. Some of these people I have been calling for years, like Joe; others got a call for the first time, like Reed.
I noticed that I now know more coaches than anything else. Lots of calls and emails flying around these last few days. Connections that are full of gratitude, thanks and appreciation for having each other in our lives.
Coaches are especially good as expressing gratitude. I think this is because our work with our own coaches has us tuned in to what’s really important.
When I transitioned from marketing to coaching, I was afraid I would lose all my friends if we didn’t work together any more. And, I was afraid I wouldn’t make any new friends.
Silly on both counts.
My friends are still my friends. And now, I have a whole new group of friends who are mostly coaches.
This Thanksgiving and always, I am grateful for my family, colleagues, clients and friends, old and new.


The Gift of Girlfriends