One of my very favorite coaching principles that I immediately incorporated into my own life is “claiming.” You’re seeing evidence of it right now. About a year ago, I saw an ad in CS magazine. CS, or Chicago Social, is a stunningly beautiful publication—so thick with upscale advertising—that it’s free! The ad was for BatesMeron Sweet Design. I so loved their ad, I went to their website. I so loved their website, I picked up the phone & asked for a meeting. At our first meeting, I so admired and adored co-owners, Rebecca Bates and Shachar Meron, that I “claimed” them. Silently. I claimed them, as part of my life & work—with no idea or agenda as to what form that would take.
Today, they are clients, colleagues & friends. My new website is brought to you by BatesMeron Sweet Design.
Try it for yourself in your own life and work. Ask for what you want. And it’s okay to want a lot. Look around. What is it that you want? What or whom do you want to claim? And, if you want to claim BatesMeron too, go for it! There’s plenty of their good work to go around.

Thanks & Gratitude