Is AI the Botox of Branding?

AI-generated social media content is like plastic surgery:
if it’s done well,
you don’t know it has been done at all.
When done poorly, it’s all too obvious
and can leave you even less attractive
as a brand than if you did nothing at all.
I’ve read, watched & attended
articles, videos & workshops
on the value of using AI-generated social media content.
Nearly everyone will admit to an AI first draft
(aka a little Botox, a little nip/tuck),
but then everyone swears they do the
“heavy lifting”
(aka the workouts, rest, nutrition)
I see little evidence of this.
Most AI-generated content sounds like
exactly what it is.
Flat, robotic, factually correct
(sort of) but lacking the
heart, soul and, most importantly,
the voice and tone of the brand.
Most people don’t know the difference.
They read an AI-generated draft and think
‘Yeah, I would say that.’
But would you? And would you say it
like that?
It’s not wrong, like plastic surgery
(to beat an analogy absolutely. to. death.)
isn’t wrong.
It just doesn’t look like you.
And, for the people to whom you
and your brand matter most,
the difference can be obvious
(and just a little bit scary).

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