Love is Love and Coffee.

Jodie & Kristine got married.

We met 10 years ago

when we paid a lot of money

and pledged a year of our lives

to a Leadership Program

based on a vague paragraph on

CTI’s website.

It said something like

“Every relationship will change”.

I came home, fired my colorist and bought new carpeting.

Jodie & Kristine, on the other hand,

fell in love.

Kristine ended a relationship.

Jodie ended a relationship.

Kristine changed cities.

They bought a coffee company!

Jodie switched careers.

Kristine switches careers.

And, by now you may have guessed,

Jodie switched teams.

They’ve grown a life, a business

and two lovely daughters together.

Talk about ROI!

As I’ve watched them,

I’ve often thought

I will never love as much

because I will never have the courage

to risk so much.

In leadership, we learned to “trust and go”

and that’s what these two do every day.

Part of our program, naturally,

was a ropes course.

There was a baleying sequence:

the climber says “Climbing!”,

the baleyer says “Climb on!”,

Jodie says “Tally Ho!”

Whenever you’re taking a leap of faith,

for love or otherwise,

do what Kristine & Jodie do:

trust and go and…

Tally Ho!



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