Fit or Failure.

I work with people every day

who feel like failures.

They come to coaching

because they’re

out of work or about to be

out of work.

Getting along at work,

but not getting ahead at work.

They hear “failure”.

I hear “fit”.

Some even come to me

wishing they would get fired

because they hate their jobs

So. Much.

(There’s a way to make this

happen: quit).

Yet, they still feel like failures.

My reaction is always the same:

thank God you figured that

out, and the sooner we get

you outta there, the better.

I’m not one of those coaches

who believes there are no failures,

only “learning experiences”.

There are failures.

Big ones. Messy ones.

Soul-crushingly sad ones.

But finding you’re not good at,

or don’t like, a job is not one of them.

Any more than finding out you

don’t care for Thai food, you’re not

much for bowling or you would just as

soon skip that heavy metal concert.

It’s not a mark against your

intelligence, character or in any way

a predictor of future success.

So, move on. Don’t look back.

Try on something more your size.

Something that, for you, is the perfect fit.



Love is Love and Coffee.

An open apology to anyone who had me in their workshop.