There’s No I in Narcissist

If it takes 10,000 hours

to become an expert,

then I have earned the

equivalent of a PhD

in narcissism.

I have befriended,

dated, married,

hired, studied

and been forever

linked to it.

Take the are you a narcissist quiz..or don’t

if you don’t care

While I attract it,

I also work to repel it.

But damn if it doesn’t

look different every time.

At first blush, narcissism

can look like confidence

and personality with a

capital P.

However, soon after,

the air begins to leave

the room and you

(and by you, I mean me)

notice there’s no

room. left. to. breathe.

I’m learning to insist

on reciprocal relationships.

Ones that feel well-balanced

with an appropriate

amount of consideration

on both sides.

Like a well-curated wardrobe,

the result may be less is more.

That’s okay because less

is so much more satisfying.

And, lest I am guilty of projecting

my own faults on others,

I have taken the online

assessment several times.

Turns out I didn’t need to.

I’m told if you have enough

self-awareness to wonder

if you are a narassist,

you’re probably not.

And if you are,

you probably don’t care.

Turns out I score poorly.

At best, I exhibit

high leadership potential

and sometimes seemingly

poor judgment.


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