Finding Small “f” Fun

I was in New Orleans recently.

Upon my return, people asked

“Did you have fun?”

I’m sure they meant

“Lift your top &

show us your t*ts”

kinda fun.

I didn’t.

But I did have fun.

Every day I walked

to Café du Monde

and had café au lait

and beignets.

So. Much. Fun.

Over time,

fun gets quieter

in a way that makes

it sometimes hard

to notice.

It reminds me of Quoyle,

in The Shipping News,

one of the most beautiful books

I’ve ever read

and played by Kevin Spacey

in the pretty good movie version

After a miserable life

married to the alcoholic &

abusive Petal,

Quoyle doesn’t recognize

his relationship with Wavey

as love because it doesn’t hurt.

It’s not painful or dramatic.

Just good.

Same for fun.

Quiet fun sometimes

goes unnoticed.

A great conversation.

An interesting read.

A really good coffee.

It doesn’t matter if you’re alone

(and, in truth, we’re always alone

even and perhaps especially

when we’re with others)

or with someone you care about

or in a crowd,

any engagement in an activity

you enjoy,

no matter how loud

or not,

totally counts as fun.

You get to decide.

Tops optional.


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