Risky But Not Reckless

I am the least risky person I know.

I have intentionally arranged my life

to mitigate risk

related to my

health, safety and happiness.

No jumping out, off or over things.

No going fast on, in or on top of things.

Minimal karaoke solos.

Yet, I have had my moments of courageous risk-taking.

Single parenting comes to mind.

Ditto leaving a well paying career

to start my own coaching practice.

(A life coach? Really?)

Falling in love again and again and again.

So it is with profound

self management

that I coach my clients through

their own versions of

risky –but not reckless — behavior.

What I’ve learned is

one man’s risk

is another man’s recreation.

Said another way:

the change that’s relatively easy

for one to make,

may be paralyzing for another.

But safe is small.

And, I don’t intend to

spend my time living a small life.

Or, letting those I care about

live theirs in anything less

than the biggest version of

who they are.

So, gather all the courage

you have and,

if you’re a little wiggly

on what’s next,

get you to a coach

who is your champion

for that big bold

life of yours.


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