Maybe The Life You Have Is The Life You Want

If you find yourself

with a death grip

on your current life –

be it a job,

a relationship,

or other complex situation –

consider perhaps:

the life you have

is the life you want.

Let that sit for

a minute.

In what ways is

“I want something

more, better, different”

a lie you’re telling


(and probably a lot

of other people too).

 “People don’t really want

to be cured.

What they want is relief;

a cure is painful.”*

I’ve had clients come to me,

seemingly desperate to

change some aspect of their life,

then wrestle me to the mat

in support of staying

right. where. they. are.

If this sounds like you,

and you’re in that place

of being unwilling or unable

(same dif)

to create the change needed

for change-your-life change,

you may want to

get more comfortable

with being uncomfortable.

If you’re saying “I want…”

but you’re stuck in

“I can’t…”

can’t is gonna win it.

Change can be painful.

And, if you’re not

up for that discomfort,

there’s a good chance

what you want

is what you already have.

Even with all its faults,

imperfections and disappointments.

No judgment.

So, there you are;

right where you are.

* from Awareness: The Perils  and Opportunities of Reality

by Anthony DeMello

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