Create Rituals Rather Than Resolutions

This New Year’s thing

seems like a good time to

re-emphasize my love of


I take uncanny delight in the

ritual of my morning latte,

walking my dog

(most non-subzero mornings)

and working out three days

a week with my trainer*.

Instead of a daunting

“To Do” list of

New Year’s Resolutions

or even worse

a list of what NOT to do:

DON’T eat French Fries,

STOP drinking dinner,

NO MORE sex with strangers

(I didn’t say this was my list, by the way),

why not use the new year

to create new rituals.

Creating rituals is good,

life-affirming fun.

Like a morning ritual of

life-affirming choices:

coffee, meditation, exercise,

healthy breakfast and/or a purely

indulgent hour of pleasure reading.

Or a new ritual of reserving every

Friday lunch for reconnecting

with a different friend with whom

you’ve lost touch.

Or a new ritual of intentionally

moving a sum of money –however small –

from checking to savings

on the first of every month.

Rituals honor who you are and what you value.

They pay dividends in their ability to

affirm your good decision making and

your commitment to living

a life in support of your values.

Rituals are cool.


* shameless plug for my awesome trainer:






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