I Want. I Want.

Someone recently — and

somewhat exasperatedly — claimed,

that I am never satisfied.

It was not a compliment,

although I would like to think it could be.

I don’t want to be satisfied.

I want to be inspired.

Don Draper,

the creative director I wish I

had been – even the pretend one

he is –was given this to say in

a recent Mad Men episode:

“You’re happy because you’re successful.

For now.

But what is happiness?

It’s a moment before you need more happiness.

Damn that Don Draper.

Happiness. Success. Satisfaction.

Perfect. Until you need – and want – more.

Many of my business owner clients

say they don’t want to grow their business.

They like it this size

and want to keep it that way.

Good luck with that.

Staying in one place is far more

difficult than moving in either direction.

Just try treading water.

Not a metaphor. Literally.

Treading water is far more exhausting,

mentally and physically, than swimming

and infinitely more challenging than drowning.

(Although, I’m making an assumption

on that last part.)

Being inspired to want

shouldn’t be a bad thing, should it?

In fact, it is the absence of want

that sounds desperately sad to me.





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