In Regard to Rituals

A friend of mine commented

that he didn’t want any rituals in his life.

I clarified that what I though he meant was

he didn’t want any routinein his life.

Routine, in my definition, is ritual gone bad.

Routine is the daily commute,

the obligatory Sunday dinner,

monthly heartworm & tick prevention for the dog.

Rituals, on the other hand, are mini-celebrations.

Holiday cookie baking,

all-family touch football games,

summers at the beach.

I have a daily ritual of getting coffee.

Not making coffee, procuring coffee.

I have ritualized the discovery

and enjoyment of coffee shop coffee.

Similarly, I have developed a ritual

around walking my dog.

So much so that while my dog

is away at doggie boot camp

I have taken to walking myself

to preserve the ritual.

According to happiness expert, Dr. Ben-Sharah:

“The most creative individuals

whether artists, businesspeople,

or parents (yay for creative parenting!)

have rituals that they follow.

Paradoxically, the ritual frees them up

to be creative and spontaneous.”


Creativity happens when we feel safe

to push boundaries and explore the unknown.

The comfort and familiarity of a beloved

ritual provides that much-needed grounding

and the opportunity to

reconnect, reset and re-create.

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