I Hate Halloween

I hate Halloween.

And, really,

costuming of any kind.

I’m not sure why—

I was a “drama kid” in high school.

A new insight came into this

while vacationing in France.

At the last dinner of the last day

of a 10-day Rhone River cruise

with clients & spouses,

the cruise director announced

he had a special treat for us!

The lights dimmed, the music swelled

and the entire cruise staff came marching

through the dining room

waving sparklers over

equally flaming trays of baked Alaska.

Everyone clapped as they took

not one! not two! but three!

laps around the dining room.

One of my clients, good naturedly clapping along 

leaned over and said:

“it’s nice, but I don’t need to be reminded I’m having fun.”


That’s EXACTLY what I don’t like about Halloween.

And New Year’s Eve.

Too many people trying too hard to prove

to themselves and everyone else

they’re having fun.

Now, if sparklers and costumes are your thing,

by all means…

I’m a simple girl.

A coffee. A glass of wine. A beer.

Food that isn’t fussy.

Good and witty conversation I can hear over whatever

moderately appealing visual surrounding I find myself in.


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