Adult, Heal Thyself

You know these are curious times
when I title a post with
a play on a Bible quote:
“Physician, Heal Thyself”
(Luke 4:23, see also: Macbeth).
If you can get past that,
my work and life has been
largely focused of late
on people in the grip of
something seemingly larger
than themselves.
This offers the opportunity
to share a piece from a page
I once excitedly tore from a
book I read on an airplane
and now carry with me.
Lit, a memoir by Mary Karr,
describes Karr’s journey
with alcoholism and the salvation
she found in her conversion
to catholicism.
(Dammit! There’s that religion
thing again)
In the book, Karr’s therapist
tells her:
“You’ve got to nurture yourself
through those instants, he says,
recognize the source of the misery
as out of kilter with the stimulus.

Realize you’re not lost. You’re an adult…
perfectly capable of getting yourself home.”
I like to think of “home” here in the
metaphorical sense.
A homecoming, if you will.
It is completely and naturally within us
to be the sole creator of our own lives
and, as such, fully capable of stepping into
the magnificent expression of who we are meant to be.

Where There’s A Will….