Where There’s A Will….

I’m a stickler for clean language
in my coaching.
Don’t say “need” when you mean “want”;
don’t say “have to” when you mean “choose to”.
Words have power.
Too often clients come to coaching asking for how-to help:
tell me how to fill-in-the-blank.
Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.
Even if I worked that way, it wouldn’t work for you.
That’s because the expression isn’t
where there’s a way, there’s a will
for a reason.
Knowing how doesn’t get you any closer to why.
Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to
lose 10 lbs?
end a relationship?
change careers?
What we really mean is:
for the love of god,
help me connect with that
innermost part of me that knows what I want—not need,
but want—and make that want big enough
to overcome life’s distractions.
Because there will always be distractions.
Anyone can help you find the way to change your life,
(yes—there’s an app for that!)
only you can find the will.
Use your feeling words to connect to your why
and you’ll be on your way to finding your will.

Simon Sinek does a great Ted Talk
on The Power of Why. Check it out here.

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