"I don’t know, Linus, I’m just not happy."

To be fair, I stole this line from someone special
who stole it from everyone’s favorite mildly depressed
comic strip character, Charlie Brown.
In my work, I hear these words a lot
(except my clients don’t call me Linus.
Regrettably, I’m more the Lucy type.
Hold on to your footballs).
There’s an expectation that our work
should make us happy.
Truth is, when purpose is missing,
happy is hard to come by.

This week I completed with a client
who left the successful business she co-founded
and opened up her heart
to the possibility of doing something truly great.
In that heart space she found her purpose.
After I said good bye to Rose,
I said hello to a new client who is
successful in his job, but just not happy.
He wants a mission instead of a career.
Purpose. Mission. Fulfillment. Happiness.
As corny as it may sound,
I believe there is a spiritual awakening
taking place.
I get to see it every day.
People choosing to live
purposeful, fulfilling, happy lives
by articulating their true purpose
and tapping into their unique gifts
to fulfill that purpose.
And, that is something that
will make Snoopy do that Snoopy dance.

DO talk to strangers! (sorry, mom)

Own The Room