DO talk to strangers! (sorry, mom)

It turns out mother was wrong:
it’s good to talk to strangers.
Last year I was at a book signing
in Toronto and spent the better
part of the evenings talking to
a total stranger about life, love
and EFT tapping therapy
In the Las Vegas Marathon,
I ran with a young man
who has intuitive powers that
allow him to see visions of
past life events.
(cool and creepy!)
I’ve met dozens of interesting people
at Peet’s coffee shop.
Most recently, a physical therapist
so passionate about his work
that I left completely recharged
about mine
(surprisingly restorative!)
My kids spent their formative years
in a downtown hi-rise.
They can talk to anyone.
Doormen and elevator buildings
are great for sharpening
those chat-it-up skills
crucial to business & social success.
(They’re called “elevator speeches”
for a reason)
One of my clients found himself in
a Starbucks line
behind Deepak Chopra!
He introduced himself with:
“people are always asking
for your help. I’m curious:
what can I do to help you?”
The result has been an unexpected
mutually beneficial relationship.
Who knows where it will lead?
Talking to strangers: very good.
Asking how you can help: even better.

Battle Hymn of the Tigger Mom (that’s T-i-double-guh-err)

"I don’t know, Linus, I’m just not happy."