As Easy As Changing Your Mind

There’s the good kind of change.
The kind you plan in advance,
figure out the details
and mentally prepare for how great it’s going to be….
Then there’s that other kind of change.
The kind that just happens.
When you least expect it.
The curve ball.
The zig when you thought you were zagging.
The dead stop. When you thought you were all about go.
That trick with the rug.
But change, even unplanned change,
Maybe even especially unplanned change,
can be exhilarating.
And bring all kinds of unexpected
experiences right to your new found front door.
If only you can rally your
perspective in that new direction.
Easier said than done. True.
But when you get there,
to that new-perspective-place,
all kinds of givens come up for review.
And all kinds of things
just might be there already
waiting for you
a half a turn away.
Warm nights. Expansive views.
Frosty beer. Fireworks.
Planning and figuring and preparing will sometimes,
often in fact,
get you from point A to point B.
But, planning and figuring and preparing
will rarely—if ever—find you pleasantly
surprised at points beyond your immediate imagination.
That’s where change, delicious curve ball-y change,
comes in.

Who are your 3:00 a.m.s?

Meditation is What You Make of It