Who are your 3:00 a.m.s?

Some 20 years ago,
I heard a speaker talk about
“the 3:00 a.m.s in your life”.
The relationships you can call on
at three in morning.
At the time, I couldn’t imagine
who that would be
or under what circumstances
I would make that call.
I’m the capable one. Always.
Then, my husband had a seizure in the bathtub
and went unconscious.
Not at 3:00 a.m., at around 11 p.m.,
while our two kids slept in the next room.
I called my friend Joe and he said,
I’m on my way.
This week, I’m tumbling through a series of
far, far from-life-threatening,
yet still emotionally challenging
events related to my move.
My kids, as always, are great.
Tessa is my “handler”,
organizing all the details and me.
She and Patrick put us up & put up with us.
Ben drew on his self-taught survival skills,
bucking up without a shower or a place to stay.
As a family, we look out for each other.
Friends, too, if you’re lucky.
On Monday, I called my friend Dean.
Before I even explained,
he heard the emotion in my voice
and said,
“Where are you? I’m coming to get you.”
And, he did.

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