Lost in Transition

Recently, I have been invited to speak at several events
designed primarily for individuals
“in transition”.
I know this because, as I introduce myself,
names are followed with I’m…
“in transition”.
This last delivered with varying degrees of
embarrassment, frustration, finality.
“In transition.”
It lands so heavy between us
I can barely find the strength to lift the conversation.
“In transition.”
The new euphemism for “unemployed”.
I get it.
I just don’t like it.
It leaves me with all the responsibility of probing for something
Interesting, memorable or engaging.
By contrast,
I just returned from a
Worldwide Leadership Conference in New York.
No one was
“In transition”.
Everyone was traveling, writing, volunteering, creating, discovering.
Was everyone financially supporting themselves on the
subject of their introduction?
Not hardly.
To a person, everyone was, however, passionately engaged in projects and programs and dreams that made me want to engage more, learn more, lean in more.
So, my open invitation to you…
Whatever your
“day job” is or isn’t,
find some way
to spend some time
doing something
that moves you to passion when you speak of it.
Then, share that something with
everyone you meet.
You’ll be interesting and we’ll be interested.

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