If I title this blog VISTAGE CHICAGO will more people follow me?

I’m a little put off by all the attention social media is getting
I’m tired of the twitter heard ‘round the world that earned Hertz a loyal Avis customer
Or was it the other way around?
As tired as I was/am hearing Starbucks used as the only example of creating a customer experience.
Still, as my friend Matthew has pointed out on many occasions,
I enthusiastically embrace the very trends I mock.
He’s right, of course.
I twitter the trivial details of my coffee-drinking-coaching life
while rolling my eyes at others’ versions of the same.
As a businessperson, I have to say
social media seems to be good for the coaching business.
While Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et all, claim to connect people,
all this connection seems to be creating
more isolation,
more talking at,
less listening to
and more opportunity to compare yourself —
not just to your immediate peers—but to your peers from grade school on up.
There’s no proof that “more” equals “more better”.
More FB friends doesn’t translate to more fulfillment
More choices don’t help us decide, it fosters indecision.
And, optimizing our searches doesn’t optimize
our life or work.
But, it can’t hurt either.

The End

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