Title Goes Here

I keep an index card stuck in my calendar.
Yes. I keep a paper calendar.
Not still, as in I’ve never gone electronic,
But again, as in it’s my preference.
(Can you tell I’m a little sensitive about this?)
Anyway, I keep an index card stuck in my calendar.
On it is a list of the “titles” that are important to me now
Mom, Friend, Coach, Marathon Runner, Yoga Enthusiast.
I have other roles and other self-designated titles,
but these are the ones that are most important to me now.
I use the list as a sort of North Star to help determine
how I should be spending my time and money.
Taking a random pastry class: no.
Taking a random pastry class with a friend: yes.
Doing a Saturday morning practice run with a coach friend: jackpot!
The list helps keep me focused on the titles that really matter.
I use to have a lot of ego and self-worth wrapped up in being
a “creative”.
Creative Director, VP Creative, Chief Creative Officer.
In rearranging my life, I made this new list as a reminder
that the only titles that really matter are the ones I get to give myself.

"Begin Again"

Details, Details.