Details, Details.

Earlier this month I assisted at CTI’s Co-Active Leadership Program.
It’s a 10-month program with four, week-long, in-residence retreats in Northern California.
I completed the program a year ago in April and was invited back to assist.
It was for me, and continues to be, an amazing,
truly life-transforming program that I can’t highly recommend enough.
I volunteered for a lot of reasons:
to immerse myself in the program material again,
be a witness to others’ transformation and
continue my own leadership work,
specifically, practicing leading “from the back of the room”.
In my experience I learned:
It’s hard to be in the back of the room
when you really, really want to be in the front of the room.
After being the mom & the boss for 20 years or so,
the front of the room is actually the more comfortable place to be,
making this assisting thing a good stretch for me.
I also noticed that,
contrary to what my post-college resume touted,
I am no longer
The experience made me realize how cleverly
I have arranged my life and work to have precious few details to manage.
Showing up big can often carry the day.

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