When "self-care" becomes "self-ish"

There’s a new excuse in town;
it’s called “taking care of myself.”
I’ve noticed a measurable up tick in the number of times friends, colleagues, acquaintances have cancelled a previously scheduled commitment with a variation on the following theme:
“I’m going to stay home and give myself some much-needed TLC”
(and here’s the part that really gets me)
I know you’ll understand.”
It has become the excuse that can’t be argued with.
What kind of woman would I be if I weren’t in full support of my sister getting her me-time on?
And, I do support this. Really, I do.
I’ve been taking care of me since before it was cool.
I am the poster girl for me-time.
I’ll even trade you some me time for we time.
Women should take care of themselves.
But how about if we just work it into our daily life, without fuss, like using change.
No special accommodations needed.
And, while we’re at it, how about if we just say no when we mean no.
Not yes-with-a-mental-note-to-back-pedal-later.
I support self-care right up to the time you have already made a commitment to some one or something else.
Then, self-care is just self-ish.

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