Floating vs Fitting In

I promised I wouldn’t blog about Facebook,
Even writing that makes me cringe.
Yet, I have to say, I’ve found lost high school friends on Facebook.
In talking with these friends, I noticed we all have feelings of
not fitting in.
This isn‘t surprising about high school—who fits in in high school?—
but we were talking about now.
In our own grown up lives.
I’ve always wondered what happened to my peer group.
It seems everyone else is deeply connected to packs of friends from
grad school, fraternity, family, book club, work,
while I feel like I’m floating.
I bounce around these circles, but I don’t feel tethered.
This bothered me until I was soul typed through an organization called
New Equations (www.newequations.com)
I’m a soul type 6.
Among other things, soul type 6s often feel like
“no one gets me”.
Finally, someone understands me.
But, not really.
It’s not like I hang out with my fellow 6s.
I think this feeling of disconnection comes from having too many choices,
too many ways to connect.
Nowhere is this more evident than on Facebook where you can join a group whose sole connection can be anything from mini marshmallows to God.

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