Our certified coaches have strong business backgrounds and are experienced working with a variety of corporate clients in for profit and not for profit businesses – including over a decade inside some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world.

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For employees inside organizations, Hot Coffee Coaching offers individual coaching for leadership and career development of high performers, as well as in conjunction with performance reviews and performance improvement plans. Coaching relationships are confidential between coach and client and, when appropriate, check-ins with key stakeholders are included in the engagement to ensure alignment of individual and corporate goals.
An optional 360 assessment, The Leadership Circle, can be administered by a certified practitioner and included in the engagement.

For teams, Hot Coffee Coaching coaches are trained and experienced trainers and facilitators and can be engaged for team coaching and meeting facilitation.

For department, company or industry events, our certified coaches are trained and experienced public speakers, recognized as industry experts on a variety of topics, available for presentations and workshops at corporate or industry events. Ask about relevant topics and/or let us custom co-create a presentation or program for you.

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Julie brings a fresh and unique perspective –

grounded in solid experience – to every conversation. She quickly reframes your challenges in a new light, making it easier to get at the underlying issues quickly, which leads to more immediate clarity and resolution.

<p><strong>Kelly Kyler</strong><br />
Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions</p>

Kelly Kyler
Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions