In Favor of Far

I always have had a bit of
travel anxiety.
I attribute this to a deep appreciation
for the life I have created at home.
When I travel, I experience a vague
under-current of “tempting fate”.
As in, if something is to go wrong,
from lost luggage to a broken tooth
to an untimely death,
it all could have been avoid by
simply staying home.
(This is usually calmed by enthusiastically
embracing the local offering of alcohol).
The result is, until recently,
I preferred weekend getaways:
a day to arrive,
a day to revel in the splendor,
a day to scurry back home.
If not refreshed at least triumphant
in having been somewhere.
Now more than ever people seem to
be embracing the extended vacation
as a true break and reset to their life.
A sabbatical.
A gap year.
A remote working situation that allows
for movement from place to place.
Twice now I’ve spent nearly a month away.
Far way.
I have to say
I am a new fan of far.
The further the better.
Far makes it impossible for your mind to
connect the dots
all the way back to your real life.
Whatever and wherever that may be.

For the Love of Learning

I am Paula