Let’s Hear It for the Type Bs

There’s an old joke that goes:
How do you know someone went to Harvard?
They tell you.
The same is true for “Type A” personalities
and perfectionists.
They tell you.
And often.
At first with feigned embarrassment,
that sounds an awful lot like pride,
and later with emphatic attachment
to this self-appointed and self-aggrandizing title.
I always appreciate this information.
It serves as an early warning sign
for challenging times ahead.
I don’t even know what being a perfectionist means
when the human condition guarantees we are failing
pretty dramatically at any given time.
For sure, I love passionate people
who work long and hard with
dogged dedication.
What I don’t love is people who
use their Type A distinction as a
“get out of jail free” card
for bad and bullying behavior.
I have never, ever had even one person
tell me they are a Type B personality.
Type B should be used to self-identify
someone who cares, just not enough
to whither a co-worker with demands
until patches of hair fall out.
Yours and theirs.
Is “Type B” even a thing?
It should be.
These solid Bs are the ones you want to hire
and hang with.

An open apology to anyone who had me in their workshop.

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