It’s Not About Me

There’s a (now) hilarious story

we tell in my family

about a time

when I completely lost my shit

due to unseasonably

hot weather at the

very emotional time

of moving my son into

his first college dorm room.

(Did I mention it was very hot?)

I’ve written about it

in this blog.

If you’re new here,

it went something like this…

Me: it’s HOT! I’m SO HOT! I’m DYING!

SWEAT is running down the inside of my jeans!!


(shouted emphatically and in near crazy tears)

Tessa: HOT! YES! It’s HOT! We’re ALL HOT.

HOT isn’t something that’s just happening to YOU.

(said forcefully, matching my volume level

and tone while maintaining steady eye contact,

squaring my shoulders in her firm grip)

Some may say I could have used

a little compassion at that moment.

But it did the trick.

And was probably consistent with

best practices in crisis training

for emotional shock.

I mention it now because

I’m often reminded

that it’s not about me.

Did I say often?

I meant too often reminded.

“It’s not about you.”

Bad service. Bad behavior.

Disappointments. Dismissals.

It’s not about me.

To be honest,

I sometimes

wish it were.



A message to young adults: you’ll be okay.

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