This is How You Make More Money

In the time it took me to cross the street,

a truck pulled up,

the driver jumped out and

slapped an $18. sticker

over the $16. sticker.


$16. for all day parking is now $18.


This is how you raise your rates.

The next day

the parking lot was full again

and the owner made more money.

Did some parkers

leave to find a cheaper lot?


Did some parkers grumble

a little and park there anyway?


Did some new parkers

come around the corner

and think $18.? Ok.

Most definitely.

This is how you make more money.

Almost without exception,

every professional client

I have coached/consulted with

could be charging more.

All but a few, wish they were.

Confidence and fear of conflict

typically gets in our way.

And definitely without exception

clients who have raised their rates

have done so without any significant

pushback or loss of clients.

Further, many of my clients’

clients and customers have not

only accepted the price increase

They’ve agreed with it.

If you’re doing an excellent job,

your clients will want to

pay you what you’re worth.

You have to believe you’re worth it first.

Then, make a new sticker.


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