Please Get A Calendar. And Use it.

I’m not one to give advice but…

please get a calendar. And use it.

Paper or electronic,

wall size or pocket size – doesn’t matter.

Just please get a calendar. And use it.

I offer this invitation frequently.

And get taken up on it rarely.

Yet, for friends, clients

and colleagues

who get on-board with

pro-actively managing their calendar

it has been life changing.

There’s a good chance

the reason you are


stressed out

and exhausted

is because you are at the effect

of everyone else’s schedule.

Own your own time.

Claim it like it’s your bitch.

Make it work for you.

Block out time first for the

people and activities

that matter most to you.

Want to read a book?

Book some time with yourself.

Want to workout?

Exercise your right to flex calendar muscle.

Want to meet a friend?

Get friendly with Outlook.

I am obsessed with calendaring.

Mine’s color-coded around the

things that matter most to me:




Room to breathe.

At a glance,

I can see how I’m doing at

dedicating time to the things I love most.

My calendar comforts me.

Keeping me forward-focused and on task

day by day, hour by hour.

HCC Extra Shot!

I Surrender