Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

A significant part of my coaching practice
is working with clients to discover what’s next.
Some clients know what they want
and my role is to champion them through
the steps to get there.
Others don’t know what they want
until we uncover and name it.
Both require sometimes difficult,
sometimes exhilarating work be done.
I find myself in much the same place.
Wanting to—needing to–know what’s next.
My own coach challenges me to stay in
what’s now rather than look for what’s next.
A useful perspective shift.
There is definitely value in staying
and in creating the space for what’s next.
But not quite right for where I am right now.
I love what I have now.
And I want more.
It’s like waiting in a waiting room.
The room is lovely
and the magazines are interesting and plentiful.
But I’m restless to know how long I’ll be here.
A place to look if you suspect
you may be languishing in a waiting room
of your own creation
is to notice how you respond to:
“what’s new?”
Do you answer with updates on your children,
your spouse, friends?
Are you waiting…
or are you creating your own real life?

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