By Invitation Only

A couple of years ago
I decided to sell my house.
In preparation, I purged.
A process I truly love.
So that October,
between work and other commitments,
I touched everything I own.
Every photo, every book,
every piece of clothing,
every pot, every pan.
Then—and this is the important part—
purposely, intentionally invited
only the things I truly love
back into my life.
Oh sure, there’s still a
picnic cooler I’m neutral on
and some tools I’m unattached to,
but for the most part
every thing I own is something I love.
Or was…until nearly two years
went by, the market went south
and things started creeping back into my house
and into my life.
So now, I’m revisiting the process
of creating space and being intentional.
It’s a great practice for all areas of life.
Look around at the work that you do
and the company you keep.
Purge. Create space. Be intentional.
Keep only the relationships that thrill you;
engage only in the conversations that feed you;
pursue only the work that inspires you.
You may find, as I have, that you need
much less than you think
to have much more than you ever thought possible.

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