In The Gratitude of the Season

I am acknowledging gratitude late this year.
I think it’s a good thing if I’m too busy
living in gratitude to have time
to write about gratitude.
Over the Thanksgiving weekend,
I texted
“I’m insanely happy.”
And, I was/am.
I don’t think I’ve ever made that declaration.
But, that’s what happens when you have people
in your life who make you better.
Not by anything they do,
but by everything they be.
Best of all, you know who you are.
Because I am grateful, not just once a year,
but always.
Just having you in my life makes me better.
And takes me to the “whelmed” of overwhelmed.
So, I made calls this year, as I always do,
to friends, relatives, clients and colleagues who
fill me.
I didn’t get to everyone by phone,
but I got to everyone in my own way.
Some people who were in my life last year,
aren’t in my life this year.
And I’m reminded of the John Irving quote:
“The hardest thing to accept
about the passage of time
is that the people who mattered most to us
are all wrapped up in parenthesis.”
Bittersweet parenthesis that create the
space for new relationships.

Have a (Not Un) Happy Day!

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