Whatever You’re Doing, It’s Probably Not a Good Idea

While running along the lake front this afternoon,
I caught a snippet of pre-school dialogue from over the playground fence:
“Whatever you’re doing, it’s probably not a good idea.”
This said, with all the emotion of Eeyore, from the mouth
of a tiny little boy to his equally tiny friend.
I glanced over my shoulder to get a look at the
joy-sucking parents who undoubtedly planted this premature
angst in their child.
Playgrounds can be scary.
And marshmallows.
And driving.
And going out after dark.
And moving to new places and meeting new people
and trying new things and taking any risk of the
physical, mental or, even the more profoundly scary,
emotional kind.
Risky. Risky. Risky.
In my coaching, I sometimes point my clients to the space between
risky and reckless.
Risky: good;
reckless: probably not a good idea.
Trouble is, it’s not always so easy to tell the difference.
And, once found, it’s not always so easy to stay balanced there.
As I continue on the path, I assess my own life
against the rhythm of my run.
“Whatever I’m doing, it’s probably not a good idea”
These words actually resonate with me.
And, I’m risking it anyway.

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