I Need a Manifesto

My good friend and former agency partner, Jay Farrell,
used to say (with clear exasperation in his voice)
We need a manifesto!
I never really knew what he meant
and so we never really had one.
Mission statements, vision statements, value propositions
statement of purpose, positioning, taglines.
Check. Check. Check.
And now, a decade or so later,
I find myself making the same self-plea
with nearly the same tone of exasperation
bordering on desperation
I need a manifesto.
A manifesto is a declaration of intention.
A stake so strong, so unwavering, that all your efforts,
every single thing you think, feel and do
in work and life
snaps to attention and falls in line to support it.
A manifesto.
A reason for being.
What gets you up in the morning?
What keeps you awake at night?
What are you doing? Why are you here?
A manifesto.
Believe in something.
Put a stake in your life and work
and claim it.
Clamor for it.
Desire for it from the very core of who you are.
A manifesto.
I’ll write mine; you write yours.
Declare it—if only to yourself.
Even better if you share it
with the universe.

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