Another Parenting Milestone

My daughter graduates from college on Sunday.
I’m getting as many “congratulations” as she is.
I’ve raised my kids as a single mom
since their dad, my husband, died 17 years ago.
I felt this weight most profoundly
when I took Tessa to look at colleges.
Not even when we said good-bye that first night of freshman year were the emotions as full as during the college search.
I felt all the responsibility of watching our daughter make her first
important decision (mostly) on her own.
And, none of the joy of having her dad to share it with.
For me, it was too much for one parent to do well.
But, I did; we did.
A lopsided family of three.
I was overcome with sadness and emotion that day.
And then again, two years later
when I made the same trips with my son.
Important events that mark time.
Tessa asks more questions about her dad lately.
Mostly, for reasons neither of us know, on the car rides back and forth to school.
Cherished & hilarious conversations. Side-by-side. Looking forward.
I’ll miss those drives and, at the same time,
look forward to what’s next
for all of us.

Words Have Power

"Begin Again"