Change Your Coffee; Change Your Perspective

I am a serious social coffee drinker.
Until recently, my motto was
Starbucks: twice a day, every day since 1989.
Then, like so many things, I was done.
Done. Done. Done.
Not with coffee, but with Starbucks.
Even as they close stores and I’m not sure Instant Starbucks is a good idea,
I love the brand from a marketing perspective.
I just don’t love the coffee anymore.
My abrupt rejection of their coffee exactly coincides with their drop in revenue.
I don’t think I’m entirely to blame.
The smell of Starbucks actually makes me sick now.
About a year ago, I transferred my alliance to Noble Tree on Clark.
I spend a lot of time working there.
It draws a college crowd from DePaul and,
depending on the barista, features music that is actually painful to listen to.
So bad, that I sometimes have to leave.
Now, more often than not, I’m over at Peet’s on North Avenue.
Peet’s is more about classic music than ear-itation;
more New York Times than The Onion.
The coffee’s (slightly) better too, but that’s really less important.
I feel hipper at Noble Tree and smarter at Peet’s.
Lately, I find smart rich and satisfying.

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