30 Days of Yoga

One of the principles of co-active coaching is called “Balance”. I always thought it should be called “perspectives.” In it, I learned to explore the perspective of “everything is true…until it’s not.”
I have been practicing yoga once a week for five years.
What’s true: I have NEVER been able to get yoga in my life more than that one day a week.
I have been absolutely religious about that one day—so religious, in fact, that Monday night yoga is held at my church…with my pastor on the next mat.
It’s doesn’t get much more religious than that.
But, still.
Once a week was all I could do.
And that was true. Until it wasn’t.
To change this truth, I made a commitment to myself to practice yoga every day for 30 days.
Instantly, it is no longer true that I practice yoga once a week.
What’s true: I practice yoga every single day.
I’m on about day 18 and counting…
To make sure it sticks, I asked someone to help me hold accountability around my commitment. That means, someone is standing by, checking in, ready to celebrate my success or mock my failure—either of which will be equally motivating.

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