Struggling with Employee Motivation?

High performers sometimes come at a high price to company culture.

For valued employees who are sometimes considered “difficult”, an investment in coaching can be the difference between getting by and getting ahead. These employees often don’t know – or have trouble accepting — how their behavior is being experienced by others and in what ways it may be negatively impacting the company culture – even if they’ve received this feedback before.

Arrogant. Challenging. Defensive. Sarcastic. Critical. Toxic. Demanding. 

Coaching is not intended to be punitive, rather it’s an opportunity for professional and personal development. It’s your employee’s chance to gain greater self-awareness and learn new tools that will improve the opportunity for growth and advancement within your organization and beyond.

Employee Review time? Coaching can help.

If you’re struggling with employee reviews, a Coach can help identify key challenges and co-create a plan for moving your employees forward faster. Your Coach will help hear and interpret feedback, consider multiple perspectives and develop new skills for communication and collaboration. Together, we’ll create a plan for contributing more significantly and positively to the success of the individual, the team and the organization.

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