Curious About Coaching?

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Charita Lucus, Ogilvy & Mather

Charita Lucus, Ogilvy & Mather

What is coaching?

Coaching is a confidential relationship in which the coach partners with the client to deepen the learning about him/herself and move forward into action. Together, coach & client identify goals, strengths and values, and address any obstacles or self-limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of the client’s success and happiness. Working with a coach, a client will be able to identify & articulate what he/she truly wants more quickly, easily and with greater clarity than likely he/she could or would do alone.


Who hires coaches?

Individuals hire coaches for career transition and advancement, personal relationships and heath & fitness, among other topics.

Companies and organizations hire coaches for key employees and executives in leadership roles to address specific issues and/or prepare for advancement and promotion.


Who are these coaches anyway?

Hot Coffee Coaching coaches are individuals who have completed professional training, coursework and certification(s) specific to necessary coaching skills and who possess significant experience in their particular areas of coaching expertise.


How does coaching work & how long does it take?

The ideal coaching relationship is “custom designed” between coach & client. Typically, coaching starts with a three to six-month commitment, once or twice a month, in person or by phone and develops from there.

Some coaching relationships last several months, others last several years as clients continue to work on ongoing professional and personal development


What should I expect in a coaching session?

Expect that you will do all the work — not your coach. Really! You are the expert in your own work & life. A coach, like a personal trainer, won’t do the work for you. He/she will support, encourage, direct and acknowledge you into achieving your own success. He/she will do this by asking powerful questions and really listening to and questioning your answers. Your coach will help you identify and articulate strengths and values, set goals based on your personal and professional wants and needs and hold you accountable to achieving those goals.


Does coaching really work?

Yes! Coaching does work. There are countless examples of individuals and corporations achieving and exceeding their goals through the support and guidance of a qualified coach. Coaching is not for everyone, though. You must be ready and open to change and willing to commit to and follow the process.